Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Moment - Breaking Point

If you read any of the music blogs that I do then I guess you already have this. Probably the biggest lost single of the 80s this should have been massive and kick started Paul Quinn to a glittering career, instead of a number of false starts and cult hero worship.

One of the best voices going, it is in full glorious flow on this adrenalin rush of a single. I don't think it has dated at all and still send s the same shiver down my spine as when I first heard it. The follow up Careless was good as well but as a band I suspect they would have never hit these heights again if they had kept going. Paul Quinn eventually trumped even this with the first Independent Group lp, but that is for another day.

My monday moment comes with the first urgent stab of the strings and then after 27 secs the first line "I stake my claim" in a voice that sweeps you away

Breaking Point - Bourgie Bourgie


  1. I agree totally.THE lost single of the eighties.It should have been huge and so should Paul Quinns career.I still play this constantly.I never bought the single but had the album version on a Debut magazine freebie.Of course the album ,like the debut Jazzateers album ,never saw the light of day....Criminal!
    Listening the The Tindersticks 'Live in London',in preperation to going to see them in Tel Aviv.

  2. Hi Phil

    I didn't know the Tindersticks were still going

    I still dream of an alternative world where this is re- released and is xmas number one outselling the latest x factor flavour of the minuite by 10 - 1

  3. I too have this via that Debut Magazine freebie - Have all of them and time has not been kind to their bindings! Paul is a classic Pop voice!

  4. Arh debut magazine now in that magazine museum in the sky


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