Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday Moments - Crocodile Cryer

Monday moments this week is form what is still one of my all time favourite songs. The first thing I heard by Martin Stephenson and the start of seeing play live countless times and buying up pretty much everything he has released.
Inspired by a young Martin feeling angry at the mourners at his grandma's funeral, this tells the tale of a gold digging funeral visitor as he hovers about hoping for a mention in the will

In a house full of fair day fakes
The next door neighbour made the cakes
With Elton John records playing loud upstairs
It could be just the time to strike
I'll be casual and ask about
A will that could be mine throughout
An opportunist you might think
But I have to earn my brass

My monday moment comes in the wonderful instrumental break where a game of tag goes on as the baton is passed from the organ to the acoustic guitar to be picked up by the strings before the chorus come sin again all weaving around the gorgeous melody
I still can't understand how Elvis Costello is a national treasure and Martin remains something of a cult
If you haven't got it please buy Boat to Bolivia here you won't regret it (especially as this version has an extra cd of tracks from the band's other 3 lps)


  1. Martins a great songwriter , I love ' Storm ' .

    Roll on summer time !

    at the moment i'm listening to Bryan Ferry - sign of the times '

  2. One of favourite albums of all time, never tire of listening to it.

  3. Hi Jay

    I'd forgotten about Storm - great track

    Hi Deadboy - one of mine too felt really different when it first came out and yet totally in tune with the other kitchenware bands


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