Monday, 1 November 2010

Monday Moments - Family Life

When writing yesterday's post and I found out that The Blue Nile in 30 years (well strictly 29 years) have released 4 lps with 33 songs, I thought well maybe it was time for a Blue Nile week.

This is their second appearance on Monday moments and this time it is from their 3rd lp "Peace at Last". Released in 1996 and 7 years after the last lp it had a lusher sound with acoustic guitars more to the forefront and a couple of songs that could almost be described as lively.

Suddenly there comes one of the saddest songs going. A simple piano ballad on the breakdown of a family.

Starlight do you know me
Please, don't look at me now
I'm falling apart
Silver on the window
Like the bike I once had
At home in the yard
Jesus love let me down and I know where you are
It might lead somewhere

Gather me in snowfall
And the cars going by the north and the south
Flowers on the table
And the coffee gets cold
Like the milk in my mouth
Sailing on no honeymoon
Just separate chairs in separate rooms
Jesus, please
Make us happy sometimes
No more shout
No more fight
Family life

Tomorrow will be Christmas
We'll be singing old songs
And light up the tree
God and all the mercy
And say all your prayers
For little old me
Jesus, you
Wipe the tears from her face
And the sound of his voice
Family life

Yeah, yeah

Jesus, I go to sleep and I pray
For my kids
For my wife
Family life

Paul Buchanan's mournful vocal , the simple piano, the building strings and his voice cracking as he almost whispers Jesus please make us happy sometimes.

However my monday moment comes near the end with a short fanfare of trumpet like synth sound gives a small sense of hope amidst the despair

I was lucky enough to see them tour with this lp and play the Royal Albert Hall. They seemed genuinely taken aback at the almost religious reception they received and when they played Family Life , there was a lot of people suddenly found that they had something in their eye.


  1. such a great band , I'm looking forward to reading that book .

    I love 'tomorrow morning' off that album

  2. Yup, that 'jesus please' line get's me every time.
    I was lucky enough to be on the front row a couple of years back at Shepherd's Bush, to see PB's solo tour, which packed a similar emotional punch. He sang a fine song 'Meantime' (or 'Meanwhile') which is an old BN song that they are yet to record. Fantastic. Have a listen:
    Love 'Tomorrow Morning' also Jay, esp' the end 'C'mon Girl' bit...

  3. Cheers Jay and Trev - I love all the first tracks 7 tracks was going to choose happiness when out of the blue the choir comes in - loses it's way a bit after that

    Especially thanks trev for the link - not heard that before

  4. I love this song and this album too. I am not sure I completely understand all the lyrics but Sentimental Man is another one that slays me. And then Body and Soul, which I find so incredibly hopeful in the most touching, middle aged kind of way (hope you know what I mean, I don't think it's necessarily the kind of love song a young person would write and I love it for that). I love the line about raising the children to the sky.

    Blue Nile week is a really good idea :).

  5. Hi Greer - spot on with everything you said - made me go straight back to listen to Body and Soul again

    I thikn the whole lps lyric has a middle aged feel "And the radio plays out in tha alleyways and it's a love song..." just can't see that comng out of the pen of a writer in their 20s

    For me the other fav is tomorrow morning "we could be laughing we could be married tomorrow morning and love alone won't be your savoir and pretty soon you'll find its over" the whole thing is a mixture of hope and resignation


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