Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Moments part 33/52- Being Boring

When Behaviour came out reviews described it as when the Pet Shop Boys got serious, a bit over simplistic as So hard is still a classic hi tempo tune and the first 2 lps were hardly shallow pop fluff.

This week's Monday moment comes from still my favourite single of theirs. A series of snap shots as Neil Tennant looks back on his youth "I came across a cache of old photos and invitations to teenage parties dress in white one said with quotations"

I love the way Neil Tennant's voice gets across that sense of longing , wistfulness and regret all tied up in thinking of the past and a disappearing youth. Not the world's best singer but my monday moment this week is 2 fold , firstly the confidence in the song that means that almost 2 mins is given to set the mood before the vocals start. Secondly as Simon Cowell would say "Neil you nailed that lyric and made the song all your own"


  1. The more I listen to PSB, the more I realize that Being Boring is my favorite song in their long wonderful canon. It really is the lyrics, the delivery and the spot on mood set by the music that makes it all work so well. Add to that the whole Zelda Fitzgerald Lost Generation/AIDS Generation allusion and I am hooked...

  2. Hi Echo

    I think behaviour the lp it is from is my fav od theirs as well


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