Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - Top 10

Top 10 time and 2 returning 80s throwbacks, 3 new bands with debuts , one difficult 2nd lp, 3 former lead singers of, and one should be bigger than the Beatles or at least bigger than Elton John. Bubbling under were releases by Josh Ritter., Frightened Rabbit and Ed Hardcourt but with the votes all in (well my votes anyway) these are my favourite 10 lps of 2010

Somehow managing to sounding 1982 and 2010 all at the same time. Despite a couple of misfires a great lp that does what OMD do best which is straddle twin peaks of pop and experimentation

10 History of Modern - OMD which you can buy here

Described as Lloyd Cole's country record this is the most straight forward guitar driven music he has made since Rattlesnakes

9 Broken Record - Lloyd Cole which you can buy here

A return to the more reflective sounds of earlier Everything But the Girl, intelligent, thoughtful , adult songs with still one of the best voices going

8 Love and Its Opposite - Tracey Thorn which you can buy here

Is it folk? is it pop? is it a singer songwriter, who know but it is tunes that melt and harmonies that belong on a summer's day.

7 - Fireplace by The Boy who Trapped the Sun which you can buy here

Inventive rhythms, unexpected chord changes, interesting lyrics, closer to Swoon than the usual singer songwriter fare. All that and a mercury nomination too.

6 Becoming a Jackal by The Villagers which you can buy here

A slightly rougher edge but still heavenly melodies and sing along choruses

5 - Shockwaves by Unkle Bob which you can buy here

Even ignoring the feat of recording and writing again let alone anything this good, this is one of the best things he has done. Ignoring some of the sound doodles of recent lps this has a guitar sound that has lineage right back to his Orange Juice days

4 - Losing Sleep by Edwyn Collins which you can buy here

Quite simply short stories to lose yourself in set to a gorgeous backing

3 Keepers by Jones which you can buy here

In with a bullet and out of nowhere, after a gap in reproduction that would put a Giant Panda to shame, Red Box return sounding like a different band. Like meeting someone you knew at school at first you are a bit thrown by the changes but gradually you realise that you like the older, wiser version

2 Plenty by Red Box - which you can buy here

The best single in Zorbing from the best lp. Simply joyous, and the lyrics mention conkers.

1 The Beachcomber's Windowsill - Stornoway which you can buy here

You can hear some of these tracks here
(actually the only one missing is one by Unkle Bob who when I reviewed their lp asked for a track not to be posted which is fair enough. )


  1. Great choices, in particular Edwyn and Tracey Thorn. Have a great New Year. All the best for 2010.

  2. 2011 that should be...have a great time...

  3. Half of your choices are in my top 10 aswell,and the ones that aren't I haven't heard ,apart from Stornaway that was 'bubbling under' my top 20.
    All the best for 2011 and keep on blogging!
    Hope you got my e-mail with my top tunes of 2010.
    Tel Aviv

  4. Cheers Scott and happy new year

    thanks Phil some great choices and I'll be checking out the bands I've not heard of

  5. I will always be grateful to you for introducing me to Stornoway back at the beginning of the year. I got to see them play a couple weeks ago and it was definitely a highlight. Wishing you a great 2011.

  6. Hi Greer

    that is 2 concerts you've seen this year that I'm abit jealous of!

    have a fantastic 2011

  7. We are going to have a few albums in common here...who would have Proof that good music is universal. Still whittling mine down - which in itself is a good thing!!

  8. Hi

    let me know what your final top 10 is

    have a great new year


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