Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day and Pop Music

Cold turkey and that slightly stuffed feeling. When I was younger for some reason we had a trip to the coast every boxing day which ususally meant a 30 min walk in a freezing east coast wind , coke and crisps in the back of the car then head home as the medium wave car radio drowned any song in crackles and hisses.

The fact is has boxing in the title gives me an excuse to post this. From the Worldwide lp this is a reare vocal outing for Ben Watt which as ever leaves wishing he sang on a few more tracks


  1. Ben loves to sing about Christmas...and family. December 25th from Amplified Heart is as good as any work he has ever done. But Boxing and Pop Music is wonderful!!!

  2. I love 25th december as well - I think amplified heart is just about my fav lp of theirs


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