Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cult of the b Side - The Housemartins

The early Housemartins singles often featured b sides just as good as the a sides, all captured on the gloriously titled "Now That is What I Call Quite Good" compilation

I've posted the b side to Sheep. Drop Down Dead was a party favourite when I was at poly (as was pretty much anything off the debut lp) and even manages to get away with the repeat chorus with just bass and drums trick. I still remember scratching my head in bewilderment when they split up. I was meant to go and see them play live but didn't go in the end having been struck down with man flu (or the slightly different strain known as student flu). They remain one of the "wish I'd seen them live "bands.

You can get all the early b sides and alot more on the expanded version of London 0 Hull 4 here

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