Friday, 10 December 2010

Former Lead Singer of ....Brett Anderson

Suede picked up one of those inspiration type prizes at this year's Q awards, releasing a greatest hits and embarking on a tour. When asked about new material Brett Anderson said something about giving fans what they want which is the hits and old tracks. I kind of hope this is just an interlude into his solo career as since the initial break up of the band he has released 3 lps of a subtlety that you didn't really find in his band's music.

The first lp "Brett Anderson" was released in 2007 and was met with pretty damning reviews. I think this was partly because it still had strong echoes of his former band and so came across in places as "Suede lite", that and the fact it was all a bit woe is me.
It is still a strong set of songs that can breathe a bit without the demands of a full band's input

He really hit his stride with the 2nd lp , The Wilderness". Often recorded in one take the songs tend to be Brett on acoustic guitar or piano accompanied by a cellist. It is a fantastic set and finally frees him from tales of cigarettes and gasoline.

The third lp in as many years "Slow Attack, saw a fuller sound but if anything more experimental, close in feeling to Talk Talk 's later tracks. With this lp he got some of the his best reviews since the early Suede days. Unfortunately this seemed to be in an inverse proportion to the amount of sales, with the lp reaching the dizzy heights of 174 in the lp charts ( thus I guess the Suede reform)

You can buy all 3 lps here
His website is here where you can heat more tracks from the 3rd lp

3 great lps all evolving in sound, I hope there will be a 4th when he grows tired of playing old Suede hits


  1. Suede were for me, an oasis in the desert that was Britpop - sorry I didn't even realize the pun as I wrote it there... I have to say Slow Attack is the best of what Brett has released so far. I am also a fan of The Tears album. It grew on me quickly, even if I rarely listen to it much anymore.

  2. Hi Echo

    I thikn his solo stuff is better than the later suede stuff - partly due to the fatc that I always liked their slow songs


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