Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Life of Live - Hurrah

It wasn't until doing this blog and looking back at my lists of concerts seen (very male I know) that I realised I'd seen Hurrah quite as much as I had done. I liked them ,although being a bit of a music snob their early singles and b sides were best, and no more than a lot of bands that I didn't get to see play live once let alone the 4 times I've caught Hurrah.

I assume that this concert, which to be honest I can remember nothing about, was to promote the 2nd lp The Beautiful (one of those strange lps that I like better now than when it first came out)

Rather than post something from that lp, I thought I'd post something a bit different. Earlier this year Cherry Red released the "lost" Hurrah 3rd lp "The Rebirth of Cool".

It is a rougher sound , mainly due to the fact the songs are really only at demo stage, however because of that it keeps the energy of a live performance.

Produced (although that isn't really the right word) by the guitarist of the Angelic Upstarts this sounds like a band trying to rediscover why they started making music in the first place

You can buy the Rebirth of Cool here

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