Monday, 13 December 2010

Monday Moments - Demon Days

I've written before about how much I love the Gobetweens who were the ultimate should have been bigger than the Beatles band. The sudden death of Grant McLennan came as such a shock and had a much bigger impact on me than that of any other musician.

In Robert Forster first solo lp following Grant McLennan's death he recorded 3 partly written songs that Grant was working on for the next Gobetween's album.

One of these Demon Days was the last song he played Robert before he died. A fact that makes it difficult to judge the song purely on merit. Even so it is classic Mclennan, a simple melody drenched in a wistful melancholic longing.

My monday moment is tied up in his death and the understated way that Robert Forster delivers the vocal and the resigned "somethings not right , somethings gone wrong"

I imagine when he plays this live there isnt a dry eye in the house

Demon Days - Robert Forster

You can buy the Evangelist here


  1. The Evangelist was my fave album of 2008, never understood why The Go Betweens were not one of the biggest bands on the planet...pure pop perfection...

  2. Hi Scott
    As much as I loved the gobetweens I could never get into RFs solo lps until the Evangelist which I think was his best since danger in the past


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