Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Moments - Indian

Monday moments this week features another great lost single. Featuring a model and a former member of Brother Beyond the signs were not good. However, the lp 24 Years of Hunger somehow managed to on one level be the smoothest of dinner party background music, with a set of arresting songs that were full of interesting and unexpected little quirks that stopped the whole thing slipping into the land of the bland.

The lead off single "Indian" should have been massive and as usual disappeared. Eg has gone on to make 2 great solo lps (13 years apart) as well as being a very successful songwriter for hire (although the stuff he writes for other people tends to be run of the mill formulaic pop without the quirky lyrics). I'm not sure what Alice has been doing but she does pop up on Eg's latest solo lp with a co write and backing vocal credit on a couple of songs

Both the Eg and Alice lp and the first solo lp go for silly money

My monday moment comes right at the beginning with a good old bit of "whoo whoo whoo"

Indian - Eg and Alice


  1. Pleasantly surprised by this track.
    It does remind me a bit of that stage of slightly bland album period of dinner party music... before indies kicked off again!

    But nice to hear something new

  2. This is one of those albums that just gets under your skin; a guilty pleasure, a bit like Wine Gums....
    Agree that there is something 'quirky' about it all; the 'craft' hasn't quite kicked in. Eg's latest of last year was great also; more of a Midget Gem...

  3. Hi Anon - it just manages to avoid an attack of lighthouse familyitis

    Trev - with wierd friendless kid the sharp lemon one

  4. "Like a bubble in a perfect paint job" is a bit to close to home:
    My beloved car resprayed because of said bubbles only to be dumped on yesterday by a piggin (word of the day) gritting van yesterday evening. It's enough to turn your lunch box purple!
    Which reminds me:


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