Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday Moments part 37/52 - Summertime

Monday moments this week comes from the Sundays, whose lead singer Harriet Wheeler has , along with Kate Bush, the sexiest singing voices going. Over 3 lps they made the kind of sparkly guitar pop songs that had them often compared to the Smiths.

Summertime was the lead off single from the 3rd lp "Static and Silence". My monday moment is the simple chord changes that drives the song along. Normally I'll always go for a sad song , but I can't help but feel good with the joyous "It's you and me in the Summertime" and that feel good glow starts to bubble with the first chord change


  1. Fantastic choice. Love her voice.... love the write up.
    Well done, keep up the good work.

  2. Loved their 'Arithmetic' album.
    Whatever happened to Harriet? What a voice; sad and hopeful...
    I always thought that their place in heaven was (somehow) nicked by The Cranberries, who are like spinach to me I'm afraid...
    Thanks for doing this stuff David, I've really enjoyed your cultural year...

  3. I think she simply went off and had a family. The Cranberries started so well with Linger but then........ oh dear

    On a sep note I'm doing a post on top 10 lps of the year and would like to post a track from keepers - are you okay with this , if not let me know and I'll take it off

  4. Go for it David.
    Honoured to be honoured...
    (which track?)

  5. 1969 - wanted to include one of the spoken pieces

  6. Lovely.


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