Monday, 27 December 2010

Monday Moments - Stupid Thing

Monday moments this week is a rerun of my very first post. I think it deserves another airing as at that time I think I had about 2 readers. Paul Quinn as I've mentioned before has one of the best voices in music and it seems a crime that he has a career of false starts and remains on the fringes of cult following rather than basking in number one singles and albums.

The Independent Group were I think the first band to be released on the relaunched Postcard records and this track comes from the groups ( a whose who of Scottish jangly guitar musicians) 2nd and to date latest lp.

The whole song ouses classic, from the beautifully understated guitar playing to Paul Quinn's soaring vocal, the sweeping

My monday moment comes at about 4 1/2 mins through this 7 min epic with the world weary "I've got enough on mind with out you...... crying all the time , crying all the time" refrain


  1. I was one of those 2 readers! It was a great start to a great blog.Thanks for all the great sounds over the past year.You introduced me to some of my favourite albums of 2010.
    Have a great new year,and keep up the excellent work.
    Tel Aviv

  2. Cheers Phil and thanks for taking the time to leave comments - doing my top 10 lps of the year in a couple of days time - would be interested to hear what yours were


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