Thursday, 9 December 2010

My Indie Past - Yeah Jazz

Yeah Jazz were one of those bands I first heard on John Peel. Formed in 1983, it was the 2nd single "This is Not Love" that John Peel played and I rushed out to get it the next day. They had a much more folky sound than the normal indie jangle and a tendency to kitchen sink drama lyrics. Strange as it sounds now, a folky violin was an unusual sound in 1986..honest
An lp Six Lane Ends followed a couple of years later which kept the template established with This is Not Love. Like a lot of indie bands at that time listening back it is a bit patchy but it has their other great single on it "Sharon".
Confusingly line ups changed and 2 further lps and various eps were released under different names
I've posted the first thing I heard by them , one of the best unwanted pregnancy songs going!!


  1. Here is Yeah Jazz - Six Lane Ends


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