Saturday, 4 December 2010

Strange Covers - Laughing Len part 2

About the same time I bought I'm Your Man following a holiday in Spain where the lp seemed to be playing in every bar I went into , a double lp was released of Cohen cover versions called "I'm Your Fan". It featured these 2 covers, a great version of Chelsea Hotel by Lloyd Cole and for me the ultimate version of Hallelujah. Forget Jeff Buckley, this version by John Cale makes it feel as if the words were written for him alone. The only good thing about the awful x factor debacle was that it brought this version to a wider audience. The lyrics as ever are the perfect example of not wasting a phrase or a single word


  1. Although I have previous mentioned my love of the Buckley Hallelujah - which partly comes from hearing it live in CBGB's back in the 90's when he was just beginning to get notice, I have to give you that Cale brings a certain knowing, war-weary feeling to his interpretation. The power of the song is in that no one really ventures far from the original. You just can't.

  2. good point there arent many songs that have been covered so much where someone hasnt really tried to mess with it too much


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