Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Strange Covers - Thunder Road

I've never been a big fan of Brucie, for some reason I liked the mid 80's Scottish version of the American Dream rather than the real thing. However, two of his songs feature as my favourite ever covers, Tougher Than the Rest by Everything but the Girl and this one.

This was done for an Uncut Cd of Brucie covers with each artist talking about the track they had chosen. Apparently Damon Gough is a massive fan and you can almost feel the reverence in his version. It has a fragility and an understatement I really like.


  1. I remember listening to this version (I had the uncut cd); and it sent me to Bruce.
    Hey Ho
    It`s still the best version.

  2. Im not realy Anon my name is Jules

    Just not too ok with the tinternet

  3. Hi Jules

    thanks for the comment - I keep thinking I should give brucie a proper go, i guess I'm never really sure where to start

  4. Also not a great Springsteen fan, but I have to agree, EBTG does transform Tougher Than The Rest. I do have to tip my hat to Bruce for being a co-writer of Because The Night, which is a defining song on my youth and one of Patti Smith's greatest moments.

  5. Hi Echo

    forgot about Because the Night.. which is a great song


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