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Former Lead Singer

It is difficult to listen to Bob Geldof without thinking of all the stuff that goes with him , the whole Live Aid, media business side meant that the music career almost seems like a hobby. The first solo lp came out in a rush after Live Ad and was awful, devoid of Geldof's biggest selling point ... his personality it seemed more of a Police/ Dire straits , Midge Ure hybrid .. a real Frankenstein's monster.

I was bitterly disappointed especially as roughly at the same time he also released what is still one of the best music autobiographies going in Is That it

Through these pages you got some idea of the pure force of his charisma.

However, 4 years passed and a new single came out with a Van Morrison , Waterboys flavour , the Great song of Indifference thankfully sounded nothing like what had come before and was mercifully free of the stodge of the first lp. I bought the lp it came from "The Vegetarians of Love" and loved it . It had a folky feel and was full of songs that reminded me that he was responsible for 3 of my favourite ever singles - Rat Trap, Mondays and Diamond Smiles"

Another lp followed with a similar theme although the songs on Happy Club aren't as strong. Then nothing for 9 years during which time he made millions and saw his private life played out in lurid detail in the red tops.

In 1993 a new lp came out which he described as a cathartic release. Sex, Age and Death feels like it was made for one person only and that is Bob Geldof. However the indifference to commercial success meant an lp of painfully dark personal songs combined with wonderfully experimental backing. It doesn't always work but it triumphs in the attempt

Album opener starts the lp as it means to go on with a lot of the words aimed Michael Hutchence or in this case Paul Yates.

You`re a lotta laughs ain`t you babe
You cracked me up, I laughed so much I nearly died
It`s so funny I was weeping
Cried so hard, I nearly split my side
I watched you laughing on the TV
I don`t get it said the kindly host
But there are many here among us
Who feel the sight is but a joke
Your imagination`s running riot
Sometimes I swear you believe what you say
No-one seems to notice it`s the same joke
It`s just told in a thousand different ways
And I can`t wait to read the new ones
Yeah the comedy just gets better every day
You`re a lotta laughs ain`t you babe
It`s funny how it all turned out that way
Ooh, you should have known better
You should have known better, a-ha-ha
It`s not for you, this one`s for me
It`s not for you, this one`s for me
I saw a picture of you grinning
Yeah that smirk covered your entire face
It almost split your head in two
I hear you sold it to OK
Sell a photo of you laughing
The more you hoot the more they pay
You don`t even need to get your clothes off anymore
You`re a bit too old for that stuff anyway
Somebody saw you at the party
You did the one where you`re falling flat on your face
You had the whole place cracking up in stitches
Apparently you fall with such good grace
And the teenage clothes and see-through sizes
The mutton dishes up on the Sunday plate
Is now the lamb in ghostly guises
It`s all done in the best of taste
Ooh, you should have known better
You should have known better, a-ha-ha
It`s not for you, this one`s for me
It`s not for you, this one`s for me

I've posted the rawest song, a frustrated rant at a dead Michael Hutchence. This is only representative of the the lp in terms of tone , not sound as every track is different, from acoustic Cohen like ballads to more electronic trancey songs.

"Why put a noose around your neck?

What the fuck is going on inside your head?"

He is about to release a new lp ( the great titled "How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell" which you can pre-order here) and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next as no matter what the title says he doesn't need to sell records to make money and I think his records are a lot better for it

You can buy Sex , Age and Death here

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