Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lazy Sunday - Stars

Lazy Sunday and top of the shuffle pile this week is from Canadian band Stars. I've posted a few track sby them and described them as a corss between Prefab , Sprout , The Smiths and St Etienne, which for me sums them up nicely. I like this as for the line "we were drunk as shit"


  1. I have to say , I quite like them . I could hear a bit of pulp in there too .

    Btw , I really enjoyed the blue nile book , I was pretty surprised that they appear to have made so little money from making such great music .

    It gave you such an insight into how they worked , I do hope paul buchanan does record again I would love to hear a studio version of 'Strangers in the Night'.

  2. Hi Jay

    lucky enough to get it for xmas. I know what you mean re the money although I guess if you make an lp every 7 years then it has to be a big seller to fund the next 7 years!

  3. I've heard that the Blue Nile are no more but that Paul is recording a solo album...

  4. Hi Trev

    can expect the solo album in 2020 then?!


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