Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday Moments - Driving Away From Home

Monday moments this week comes from a band that are cruelly known as a one hit wonder. It's Immaterial produced a number of quirky singles before this breakthrough song about the joys of driving in the UK. It has that great combination of a spoken verse combined with catchy chorus and a backing track that keeps you guessing as to what instruments are being played. Unfortunately the follow up singles Ed's Funky Diner and Rope didn't get the chart placing they deserved and when a more subtle follow up lp also didn't sell the band were dropped with rumours of an unreleased 3rd lp persisting to the present day. What was a bit galling was their backing singers n the lp and former band member went on the sell shed loads of their debut lp as the Christians.

My monday moment is torn either with the "hey" at the start of the song, the strange cackle in the middle or at the end where the spirit of wagon train and the great west is ignited with a "move em up move em out!"

This track and the fact that one of my favourite lps of the year (Keepers by Jones) has a number fo great spoken tracks means that Monday moments this week is going to kick start a mini theme where for the rest of the week I'm going to post a few spoken word songs, it is a eclectic mix, but they are ones I like. The rules will be it can be a combination of spoken and singing but just a spoken phrase (such as as in ABC's Look of Love) doesn't count. Anyway I'm off to trawl my cds to see what I can find


  1. Weird; Robby Robertson's 'Somewhere Down the Lazy River' came on the ipod as I read this; a great song that hasn't dated as badly as I thought it would...
    Boo Hewerdine's 'In my Dreamlife' (or was it as The Bible?) always puts a little shiver up my spine also.
    Great idea. I look forward to your guidance!

  2. well that is 2 I've missed - can't believe i didn't think of Dreamlife (it is better than most i've chosen!)

    The Robbie Robertson is a classic case of I really didn't like it when it first came out ... but now feel it is like a good wine

  3. Being an New Yorker, I never had a need to drive or wish to, to be honest, but once I moved to Florida, well get into a car it was... First song I ever played while driving...Yup It's Immaterial's Driving Away From Home... Second was a bit obscure... Echo and the Bunnymen's Get In The Car - a pop/rock tune with one of the best uses of muted horn I know. Oh and I purposely didn't play Gary Numan's Cars for ages in the car...

  4. Hi Echo

    now that is an image a new yorker driving in sun drenched florida listening to a song about the M62!!


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