Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Moments - Jocelyn Square

A couple of weeks ago monday moments I featured one half of the splinters from Friends Again, this week it is time for the other.

If the Bathers went for a more European sound then Love and Money looked west. James Grant has a fantastic voice and when he formed Love and Money it seemed like they were set for super stardom . I remember every week it seemed like the Record Mirror had some review or article championing the band and what ironically was I think their weakest release - the debut lp All You Need is Love and Money.

Despite not selling that much the record company pulled out all the stops for the follow up lp A Strange Kind of Love, calling in Steely Dan producer Gary Katz. As a result the guitar work outs are toned down and there is a more polished feel.

My monday moment comes from one of the singles from this lp. I moved to Glasgow straight from poly and went from knowing everyone in the pub to only knowing the person I went for a drink with. I loved the city but felt isolated, not helped by the fact that for that year the city lived up to its raintown reputation and this song touched a nerve. On the long drives to visit poly friends I would play this and belt out a sing along in the relative privacy of my nearly new Ford escort company car. My monday moment is the first verse especially the "still think about you but only when it rains" which still sends a shiver down my spine and takes me back to singing/shouting/driving in the dark

Wrote you a letter and i sent it on the first of July

Now its November and still I've heard no reply

It will be my birthday soon if I don't see you I'll survive

I would be happy if you let me know you re still alive

Still live on Jocelyn square nothing much has really changed

Still think about you but only really when it rains

Sometimes you don't know something is open until it shuts

I loved you so much I hated your guts

Love and Money released a couple more lps and one the record company rejected and James Grant continues to record solo lps , the latest, last year's Strange Flowers, contains some of his best songs

Strange Kind of Love recently had a re release and can be bought here


  1. Good to see The Record Mirror getting a mention.Love and Money always remind me of a certain disco we used to go to in Lanarkshire.

  2. Great track from one of my favourite bands.
    Just heard some great news.The band are doing a small tour at the end of the year and are releasing an album of new and unreleased material.

  3. Hi Scott - it seems wierd to think of a time with weeklies nme sound record mirror etc rather than all these glossy monthly music mags that we have now

    Hi Phil
    that is great as I was gutted when I thought I'd missed the one chance ofa reunion gig

  4. Still one of my favourite albums and this track gives me a shiver every time I hear it. Great piece, thanks.


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