Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Moments part 43/52 - Mary's Prayer

Monday moments this week comes from one of the most perfect pop songs going. From the production where there isn't a note or chord out of place to the fact that like all good pop songs the sweetness of the surface is built on a darker centre. It bounces along but at its heart has a darker theme of regret and the realisation that the moment will never be recaptured.

Interestingly my media player says it was a co write by Gary Clark of the band and Jonanthan Richman which isn't the credit on the lp I have which means either an error or suggests it suffered from a complaint of plagiarism. It was released a number of times before it was eventually a hit and despite being all over the radio each time it was released it had the quality of no matter how many times I heard the song I never tired of it.

The Monday Moment comes the first time the killer chorus and that joyous "Save me " hits you

Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson


  1. Cracking song.
    Gary Clarke is a fine writer.
    I remember Danny Wilson, King L and a song about ships...
    Where is he now?

  2. Hi Trev

    I live in hope of another Gary Clark lp (last one was 10 short songs about love which is the ultimate does what it says on the tin lp)

    He now is a bit a writer for hire in the us and I think has had a number 1 last year so i don't think he is in a hurry to return to lps and playing live at the Forum ... more the pity

  3. Mmmm, poison pen for hire seems to the way of all flesh.
    My ambition should be to share a flat with Gary, Boo and Eg in Nashville, writing songs for Joey's new drama and that Monkees reunion. Then we could form a band for them to mime to. (I wonder if Ringo's available?)

  4. Forget teh monkees - the banana splits is where you want to be!

  5. I think the Jonathan Richman link comes from the song being on the Soundtrack to Something About Mary, which also included tracks by Richman. I've found before that a lot of these info aggregators lump names together haphazardly. One of my fave Guy Clark track is one he has never recorded to my knowledge but wrote for Wendy Matthews, Then I Walked Away...

  6. Cheers Echo - thnaks for clearing that up

  7. Banana Splits?
    How about The Double Deckers?
    Now there was a band...


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