Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday Moments - World Party

Ever since Karl Wallinger left the Waterboys there have been various mutterings at to who was exactly responsible for what in the Waterboys , especially concerning Whole of the Moon. I guess it was a case of just too many cooks which for a couple of lps produced some fantastic big music but it was probably always going to end in tears.

Having left the Waterboys after the release of This is the Sea Karl Wallinger retreated to his home studio and came up with the "Private Revolution" lp under the World Party banner. The overriding theme of abuse of the planet is one that he would keep returning to again and again. The music was a bit of bolt from the blue in that it seemed to mix in bits of everyone from Prince to at times ELO!. Overall the whole thing felt like it had been recorded in a time machine with a 70s fm mood but with bang up to date production.

My monday moment comes from the World Party track and especially the "bah bah bahs" that could have come straight from Fleetwood Mac.

World Party - World Party


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