Thursday, 27 January 2011

Places to Visit

Still in January so can get away with it still being the start of the year and I thought this is as good a time as any to talk about some of the more recent blogs I've been visiting.

I'm not sure how well my a year in books go down (my attempt to review every book I read - meant to stick to 100 words but gave this up on about book number 3!), traffic seems to drop every time I post one, but hey I like doing them and they have started to make me think about what I read next which is interesting in itself. Anyway , I am right at the populist end of the scale in terms of the books I read and my thoughts are pretty inarticulate, limited to to the usual , it made me laugh .... it moved me ... type comments.

If you want to read a much better reviewer who hasn't got his head up his arse or obsessed with his own agenda like most broadsheet book reviewers are then visit the Asylum Blog. John Self writes thoughtful intelligent reviews on books that normally I wouldn't think of buying, but visits have resulted in a number of new discoveries

Linked to the above Greer at A Sweet Unrest posts some great thoughts on poetry as well as some great music

If you like 80s then 80s Vinyl Gems does what is says on the tin and has posted some great 12" mixes. Whilst Fade To Grey does the same but with emphasis on the more obscure and the ones that got away.

Burning Flame Blog does a great job of keeping me up to date with new bands that have a bit of an 80s feel as well as reissues , reformations and resurgences

For a more indie feel then Spools Paradise has searched youtube for some fantastic clips whilst One Step Brighter offers no thoughts, no views just loads of great tracks and is a fantastic place to discover long lost b sides and This is Indie is a treasure trove of hard to find stuff

Finally, I've mentioned it before but Boo Hewerdine's blog is worth a visit, not much to do with music but often makes me laugh. If you've seen him in concert you'll know the ind of self depreciating humour to expect


  1. Great links David.
    Like Boo's a lot...

  2. Cheer's Trev

    I'm not sure quite how Boo comes up with something quite as quirky every day

  3. Thanks for the link David and and also thanks for directing me to some sites I had not visited before...really enjoyed Fade To Grey and 80's Vinyl Gems...

  4. thank you for the mention, things are a little crazy round my way or I would've seen it much earlier. I like the way you write about books so I hope you plan to keep doing those.

    Looking forward to checking out some of these other links, I have been a fan of Boo's blog since you first pointed it out all those months ago.

  5. Thanks Greer - did you ever get to listen to any of his music?

  6. I have been able to track down some and like it very much but the albums you suggested have eluded me so far. They are on my list and I check every time I go to the record store, all part of the fun I guess if you have the crazy music gene :)


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