Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spoken Word part 6 - The accent

There was a time when everyone sang in a mid altlantic accent and the only time you would hear their accent would be in any spoken bits. However recently more and more singers are singing in their own accent. Both of these singers stick to their own accent but they are posted today because of their spoken word tracks

Goodbye John came form Martin Stephenson and the Daintees second lp Gladsome Humour and Blue. About the same time Martin Stephenson produced a pamphlet of poetry called "Something to Carry With You" and the spoken word nature of the verses in this track give it a poetic air. The slide guitar adds to a feeling of an oppressive summers day and contrasts with the sweetness in Stephenson's voice. I'm not sure what it is all about but it feels driven from personal experience and the whole thing generates a strong mood.

Goodbye John - Martin Stephenson and the Daintees

When My Latest Novel's first lp Wolves came out it didn't really sound like anything else around, full of quirky intelligent songs that seemed the delight in taking a round about route and surprising you with sudden U turns.

This track is anther great example of taking a lyric and overlaying both a spoken and sung vocal

The Job Mr. Kurtz Done - My Latest Novel

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