Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bigger than the Beatles - Cousteau

Cousteau were one of those bands that were heavily tipped and garnered loads of critical praise but never quite reached their full potential in terms of sales. Their sound is timeless but also somewhat out of time, being closer to the heritage of classic 60s songwriters such as Burt Bacharach than the Blur /Oasis axis of britpop.

The original lp came out in 1999 and was basically a home recording made up of trakcs ther band produced to try and get a deal, not that you could tell sound was big and full, driven by rich vocals that stayed the right side of crooning. The first single made you think it must be a cover as it had the kind of melody, feel that seemed so familiar

The intial run of the lp sold out quickly and was rereleased on a bigger label with most of the songd re-recorded. The only thing they also changed the cover to a boring band shot that somehow didn't fit with what was within the case.

The second track I've posted has a beautifyul hypnotic feel

A second lp, Sirena, appeared and if anything the quality of the songwriting went up, here is the lead off single from that second lp

The main songwriter left at this point and the lead singer wrote the songs for the 3rd lp, Nova Scotia, which I havent heard (only knew of its existence in searching the band's name for this post) so I'm not sure if the pursevered with their rich sound

You can buy the first 2 lps here


  1. Cousteau are one of those bands that peaked on their debut album.'The last good day of the year' is a classic track.I have 'Nova Scotia',and although Liam McKahey is a great vocalist,the sogs just aren't up to the high standards they set on their first 2 outings.
    Both Liam McKahey and original songwriter Davey Ray Moore have solo albums out .One lacks the songs the other the vocalist!They should never have split.
    After a desert -like start to the year I've finally listened to a great new album....The Sand Band 'All through the night'sounds like Richard Hawley meets The Lilac Time.It's rather special

  2. I stumbled upon the first Cousteau album and yes, I totally thought I knew Last Good Day of the Year the moment I first heard it. It's a classic album and came out at a time when I didn't expect much from new bands. This is borne out in the fact that I didn't pursue anything else by the band, I will have to search out album 2.

  3. Cheers Phil - I did fear that would be the case which is why I stuck at 2 (ps thanks for the cds! I'm sending something in return in the next couple of weeks)

    Hi Echo if you liked the first one then Sirena is well worth checking out


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