Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bigger Than the Beatles - Picture House

Picture House were one of those melodic Irish bands that do so well in their own country but are greeted with complete apathy in the UK . They released 3 lps (Shine Box , Karmarama , Madness Sadness and Gladness) but beyond that I know very little.

Wikipedia has the releases and that is pretty much it , the band's website is no longer up and the lead singer's , Dave Browne, myspace page has some solo tracks but no info.

However, their lps are full songs with a sense of melody and melancholy that would grace any Crowded House lp.

I've posted two tracks from the debut lp and if you like Crowed House then give them a listen

Don't Believe Me - Picture House

Fear of Flying - Picture House

You can buy all their cds here - if anyone has anymore infor then let me know


  1. Hadn't heard of Picture House before,so thanks for the intoduction.Love the tracks you've posted and have just ordered 'Shine Box'.My first CD of 2011! Is it just me or has it been a very slow start to the year?
    Tel Aviv

  2. hi phil

    couldn't agree more. The only thing I've bought is a re-release of Marc Almond's first solo lp (which isnt as good as I remembered it being!)
    Keep reading the reviews in Q etc but not tempted by anything

  3. I love the first two albums but haven't been able to find the third. Not even as a download. Is there anyone who knows where i can find this one?


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