Saturday, 19 February 2011

Catching Up - Care

Care were another of those bands that completely passed me by although is in the same mould of most of what I was listening to and liking in the mid 80s. They released 3 singles and recorded an unreleased lp over 2 year period before splitting up.

I finally searched there stuff out by following the family tree of buying, where you like a band and start to search out what the members did before they joined.

In this case a lot of bands I liked had their lps produced by Ian Broudie and he'd already released a couple of great lps as the Lightning Seeds and was about to go massive with Jollification. I knew he had been in a band called Care but I also new he was in Big in Japan with Holly Johnson and didn't really have much thought about trying to listen to stuff by either band.

However I as lo loved a single called Bible Dreams by a band called the Wild Swans and found out that this was the second coming of the group and that in between the lead vocalist Paul Simpson had also been in Care

I managed to track Flaming Sword and My Boyish Days down in a second hand record shop and thought that was that.

In 1997 a compilation was released Diamonds and Emeralds (with an awful cheap and nasty cover which is a shame as all 3 singles had great covers) which had the singles , b sides and some tracks that would have been on the debut lp. If I'm being honest the whole thing is a bit shoddy and has the feel of one of those compilations that you can pick up in petrol stations (I'm not sure why they didn't just release the lp with the b sides and extended mixes of the singles as extra tracks). Anyway despite this there are some great songs on there and you can here both an echo of the Wild Swans as well as Broudie's solo work. Flaming Sword remains one fo the great "lost singles"

I've posted the 1st and the 3rd singles

You can buy the compilation lp here (although it only is available 2nd hand) and the Ian Broudie site has a Care microsite that can be found here


  1. More proof that there is something in the waters of Liverpool...something very special. In this case it's given us psychedelic/idilic pop as only Paul Simpson could make. From A Shallow Madness to The Wild Swans Mk2, a precious commodity.

  2. Hi

    it is amazing that so much great stuff could come out of liverpool in the early 80s . Music seems so much less "regional " now in the uk I don't think we will see another "madchester" or "camden" it is all so much more national/international

  3. Love Care , Paul Simpson has a great voice . Your right about the complication being a tad shoddy , the band deserved better .

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the reformed Wild Swans get up to .

  4. I remember a live version of 'Flaming Sword' on the b-side of the Lightning Seeds 'Perfect'single and until now didn't know it was recorded by Care

  5. Hi Jay

    got a wild swans post coming up in a couple of weeks including somehting newish

    Hi Phil - although the compilation is a bit cheap and nasty it is worth getting


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