Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Catching Up - John Cale

Part of the joy of music is discovering stuff that you haven't heard before usually new stuff but every now and then something comes along that for some reason you completely missed the first time around. The older you get the less and less this happens so that when it does I feel a mix of the excitement of someone's back catalogue that has opened up for exploring with the scratching of my head as to how on earth I've missed it up to now.

This bit of catching up has an explanation of the fact that it was originally released when I was 5 still you would have thought in the next 35 years it would have registered somewhere.

I'd not heard any of John Cale's solo stuff except for the track he did on I'm Your Fan, the Cohen covers lp. I loved his voice on Hallelujah and on the Andy Warhol tribute he recorded with Lou Reed, Songs for Drella.

However last year due to a re release of the lp and a live concert this title track got a bit of radio play. I was hooked

Paris 1919 - John Cale

It has a real timeless quality that means it sounds totally fresh, partly down to a chamber pop sound and structure (sorry slipped into pretentious music journalist mode for a moment) and a great sing along la la la chorus. I've just got to get round listening to some lps although not really sure where to start so any pointers really welcome


  1. you want Fear, Slow Dazzle, Vintage Violence, Sabotage/Live, Music For A New Society and Hobo Sapiens.
    And, he's amazing live, even in his late 60s.

  2. cheers anon - after your recommends I've now got some of these lined up on spotify

  3. Wouldn't disagree with previous comments. There's a 2 cd set Island Years with his 3 albums and a few rarities definitely worth the purchase. Fragments of a Rainy season live is acoustic live and is brilliant

  4. Agree that Paris 1919 is a beauty.
    Timeless melody that I rediscovered early this year.
    Got me listening to 'Songs for Drella' again also...
    The Island Years is a great compilation.
    I remember listening to 'The Jeweller' on my grannies record player (mid 80s) and poor Molly nearly swallowing her dentures at the mention of a vagina...

  5. cheers Trev maybe there needs to be a new lyrics warning on lps - "not for the ears of grannies"


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