Thursday, 17 February 2011

Catching Up - The Sound

Once I'd woken up to the fact that ELO may not be the best band of all time, I started to get into the usual guitar bands of the early 80s , Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen etc. I read record mirror and searched the single and album reviews for new bands. However for some reason The Sound completely passed me by. I vaguely remember seeing the cover of the above lp around but that is about it.

It is again only in last few years when having read a lot of music books about that time I saw their name mentioned again and again, and thought it was about time i tried to track some stuff down

The London band were headed up by singer Adrian Borland who sadly committed suicide in 1999 they made the kind of guitar music that carried forward 30 years is giving bands like The Editors and Doves the kind of success that The Sound could only dream of.

They released 5 lps over a 7 year period and only really came got radio and TV exposure with the single "Sense of Purpose"

I'm not sure why it never happened , the maybe lacked the intensity of Joy Division, the quirkiness of Teardrop Explodes, or just that killer single that wold have given them the break through.

I eventually managed to get a copy of From the Lion's Mouth and it should be held up there with Crocodiles and Kilimanjaro. The website Brittle Heaven dedicated to the singer describes them as the missing link between the Bunnymen and Joy Division and I think that is spot on. The website can be found here and is full of info on the band as well as various tv appearances


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  2. I am in total agreement with you here. When I was first exposed to The Sound I was already well entrenched in a world that included The Bunnymen, Comsat Angels, The Chameleons...The Sound should have been in there as well, but they just weren't. I think you hit the nail on the head - the singles were never just right. Unwritten Law from Jeopardy could have been massive and Contact The Fact from Lion Mouth has hit written all over it As well, the album art was a bit impersonal, not "Saville-esque" or "Assorted Imaged." By the time All Fall Down was released they were making really strong, passionate Post Punk. They were truely let down by the record companies, especially Korova. And as much as I now love the sound of Adrian Borland's voice, he didn't stand out for me at the time. When he died, I was already in the midst of rediscovering them, and must say as a music fan felt a bit ashamed that I wasn't a fan from way back - a somewhat similar feeling I had when Stuart Adamson also left this mortal coil.
    These days, if someone asks me for a Post Punk Playlist I end EVERY one with Where The Love Is from All Fall Dow

  3. Great Comment Echorich - also you've reminded me of another band that passed me by at the time - The Chameleons who again should have been a lot bigger


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