Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Life of Live - Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson's first lp became one of my all time favourites as soon as it came out , with songs that seemed to marry the best of what I liked in music , a focus on melody , sharp lyrics and imaginative instrumentation and production. The second lp was almost as good. I did read that they weren't that happy with the way the first lp came out and that the second lp was more of the sound that they wanted. It's not the same for me ... I think the one thing that let the lp down was the production which seemed slightly muffled sometimes sounding as if it was recorded wrapped in a duvet.

However live was a different matter and the songs really shone through. What I remember is what good stage presence all 3 had (honed on the years of busking in Dundee no doubt). The show was one big energy rush from start to finish. They also did a storming version of Abba's Knowing Me Knowing You (not with knowing smiles but simply because it is a top tune).

Unfortunately I haven't got that version (although I think it was released as a b side or something) so I'm going to have to just go with my favourite song on the lp

Never Going to Be the Same - Danny Wilson

I've often wondered who the "once there was an angel , an angel and some friends, flew around from song to song, making up the ends, people now adays don't need them" were?


  1. Green with envy!Danny Wilson are very high on my'bands I wish I'd caught live' list.
    Gary Clark seems to be making a very good living writing for others,so a reunion would be very doubtful.
    I remember picking up an album by Trasister that he was in.God awful racket,and one to avoid!
    By the way,I have 'knowing me ,knowing you'.It was a b-side,but I have it on the second disc of 'Sweet Danny Wilson'.If you'd like a copy ,give me the nod,
    Listening to the new Mostar diving club (Damien Katkhuda),single .Excellent,looking forward to his new album

  2. Listening (and now downloading) the Mostar Diving Club songs.
    Very nice...
    Thanks Phil.
    What film?

  3. How's it going Trev? Glad you're enjoying the new MDC tracks.They're from a new American indie romance film 'Waiting for Forever',out tomorrow.I think Damien was involved with the whole soundtrack to the film ,so there should be more tracks available soon.

  4. Cheers Phil would love a copy

    Thanks for the link - I'll be getting the lp , Obi were a great band


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