Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday Moments 45/52 - Thrive

This week's monday moment comes from one of the bands that formed from the splintered Friends Again. The Bathers were the recording name for Chris Thomson and by the time this lp came out he had already produced lps that combined lyrics of high romanticism , a voice that was kind of a scottish Tom Waites and highly orchestral backing tracks.

The Kelvingrove Baby lp tones some of these elements down and had slightly more straightforward accessible songs. As a whole I think it is the best thing they have done.

My monday moment comes from the opening track a simple acoustic guitar ballad of regret. Every time I listen to it one lyric takes me back to the 18 months spent living in Glasgow

Just remind her I'm still here

Up on the west coast waiting

I wear the rain like tears

Thrive - The Bathers


  1. I love The Bathers , I really should get around to getting ' Sunpowder' and getting a new copy of ' Pandemonia ' .

    I love the title track on Kelvingrove with the opera voice in the background , so different .

  2. I'm a big Bathers fan aswell,and Kelvingrove Baby is also my favourite album by them/ him.It doesn't cotain my favourite track though,that has to be 'She's gone forever'.How that was missed off their 'Best of'album I don't know.
    Tel Aviv
    Currently listening to a bootleg of the Love and Money reunion gig.God I wish I could have been there!

  3. Hi jay
    it must be about time for a new one?

    Phil - that is the one concert i was desperate to get to and was gutted when i missed it


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