Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday Moments - Falling and Laughing

For ages my favourite Orange Juice song was Felicity however over time this weeks monday moment comes from a track that has gradually worn me down and is now the one I keep coming back to. Falling and Laughing has one of my favourite bits of guitar playing as well as a lyric that seemed to speak for for any boy in their early teens thinking about how to meet girls!

My Monday moment comes at 3 mins when some good old power chords come into play (as far as any Orange Juice song can be described as having power chords)

There are lots of versions going but the one I like best is probably the most polished, (as far as you can call Orange Juice polished) ie the one that appeared on the first released lp "You Can't Hide Your Love Forever"

I've taken this from the wonderful box set of cds "Coals to Newcastle" which has to be my favourite xmas present much to the confusion of my family (although my son does like Rip it Up - I've got some more work to do there). It has all the studio lps (most of which have been impossible to find on cd) along with loads of b sides , 12" mixes and live tracks. A final disc is a dvd of various tv appearances . The sleeve notes are as they say comprehensive and there are some great photos - all lovingly put together in a hard cover book format.

You can buy Coals to Newcastle here. It is expensive at £50 but it is £50 of great value


  1. what a great track , I have the quite a few old orange juice post card 7 '' singles somewhere . I think one of my favorite orange juice albums is the ' orange juice' .

  2. Hi Jay

    I'm just rediscovering that lp as part of this box set
    you should dust off those postcard singles they are worth a bit!

  3. Also got the box set at Xmas and many a day off in Januuary was spent re-discovering the music of Orange Juice...I'm with jaymcfly - The Orange Juice is the one I keep going back to...Falling and Laughing would certainly be up there in my Top 5 OJ tunes...

  4. Hi Scott

    Now I've relistend to them all it is a toss up between Orange Juice and Rip it Up. I think all the lps have some songs that are just brilliant but also a couple that miss the mark


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