Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Moments - Hammering Heart

Monday moments comes from Del Amitri's debut lp released before they grew their hair, developed prodigious sideburns and went all Neil Young...... I miss those days.

At the time in the words of lead singer Justin Currie the bands manifesto was "No chords, No choruses, no distortion, no synthesizers and no long hair, melody was god"

I've posted before about the lp here as it remains lodged permanently in my top 10 ever

This track was one of the singles and is great jangly head rush of a tune. My monday moment comes at the end of the song where the repeated "you know you need her everyday" sees Justin Currie attempt what can be best described as a cross between a yelp and a yodel, which I've often tried to copy at the top of my voice in the relative safety of my car... not pretty and scary for the children

Hammering Heart - Del Amitri

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