Saturday, 19 March 2011

What the Nu Folk - James Yorkston

Jamie Yorkston is probably the closest to the traditional sound of folk music of the people I've featured. Originally from Fife and backed by the Athletes as well as various other well known Scottish musicians who er on the side of acoustic.

After various singles and eps the first lp was released in 2002. Moving up Country had a folk/country feel to it but not in the traditionalist sense in that the whole thing was mixed by Simon Raymond of the Cocteau Twins.

It is a set of songs that simply seem to melt out of the speakers with the subtle musical arrangements matching perfectly his understated vocal. I do think the lp should come with a free bottle of malt whisky as they make perfect companions

As further lps came out the path does move closer to a traditional folk sound with the soon to be released new lp covers of traditional songs from around the globe. I lost a bit of interest along the way although I'm not sure why as the reviews just kept getting better and better. Re - listening to Moving up Country again has made me want to check out the later lps

"For me, listening to James Yorkston’s music is like coming across the interesting-looking person on the fringes of a party. Before you know it, you’ve spent the evening listening to their compelling tale. In this record, I get a real sense that he has found his true voice. There’s a quiet confidence in his craft; his singing, the words and instrumentation, all blend seamlessly to produce a really affecting record.” – Philip Selway, Radiohead on 2008s "When the Haar Rolls in"

You can buy the lps from his website which you can find here.

Tender to the Blues - James Yorkston and the Athletes

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