Saturday, 26 March 2011

Former lead singer ...Anthony Reynolds

For this week's monday moment I posted a track by Jack and referenced the lead singer, Anthony Reynold's solo lp British Ballads.

Released in 2007 it was criminally ignored at the time and deserved to do a lot better, especially as the high cost and low sales seemed to have put paid to a follow up. Anthony Reynolds has a great voice and a classic song writing style that brings to mind those big ballads of the 60s , kind of a cross between Burt Bacharach and Scott Walker.

The lp does exactly what it says on the tin with swooning ballads

with a sense of Britishness

as a bit of a footnote, whilst in Jack , Anthony Reynolds also made a couple of lps under the name Jacques. The second one contained this version of an Abba song

He has also written a couple of biographies , one on the Walker Brothers and the other on Jeff Buckley which you can get from his website here

You can buy British Ballads here

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