Sunday, 22 May 2011

Guitar angst part 1 - Lorien

Radiohead (before they want all abstract) and Coldplay( before they went all stadium) lead to a lot of bands who seemed to take Parachutes and combine it with the Bends as a template and produce lps of guitar angst. One of those bands were Lorien (who also added a dash of Talk Talk's Colour of Spring) Finding information about the band is hard to come by and isn't made any easier by the fact that there are about 4 other bands that share the name Lorien. Anyway this one is a trio form Iceland , Italy and .......... Weston Super Mare. Managed by Stevo (the infamous manager of Soft Cell) and produced by Mike Hedges the band debut lp Under the Waves is full of dramatic music that combines a big grandiose sound with something a bit warmer (helped by a knack for a catchy chorus) I think this is the only lp the band released (if anyone knows any better then let me know) and the 2 tracks I've posted are typical of the lps sound . It does suffer at times from being a tad one paced but the hypnotic nature of the songs as a whole more than make up for this Human Beings - Lorien

Milky Magic Tears - Lorien

You can buy Under the Waves by Lorien here

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