Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Life of Live - Del Amitri

I'd spent my time at poly playing the jangletastic first lp of Del Amitri to death wondering what had happened to them. In the pre internet days you had to rely on the music press and the NME weren't interested in anything that wasn't in the C86 mould.
What I didn't know is that the band had been on a literally never ending tour of the states often staying on the floors of fans bedrooms as they zig zagged from state to state. Along the way they had grown their hair and side burns, discovered chords (a rule of the debut lp was such things were banned) and cowboy boots.
They came back with a bit of mid atlantic guitar pop Kiss this Thing Goodbye. The sound had moved on but the indifference from the press remained the one constant. It wasn't until the reflective Nothing Ever Happens that they finally broke the charts.
I saw them play the small Duchess of York pub in Leeds. I remember being on one hand bitterly disappointed that the aztec camera like rush of the pop songs from the first lp that I'd lived and breathed for the last 4 years were ignored and replaced with foot on monitor rock poses, guitar solos, and mid atlantic rock songs.
However after a few songs I noticed my feet were moving , that the band were throwing everything into their performance and that the songs weren't half bad and maybe the inclusion of choruses this time worked (something else that they had banned on the first lp). It ended up being a great gig and made the Waking Hours lp seem all the better for it.
Justin Currie's lyrics were as good as ever and partly due to this, behind the power chords melody was still king and the memories of this concert The Waking hours is the lp apart from the debut that I return to most
When youre footloose and you just feel limbless
Life gets in the way
So we get loaded or totally legless
But stay the same
we are the dead life

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