Saturday, 12 March 2011

Life of Live - The Triffids

I saw the Triffids play live to support their as it turned out final lp the wildly ambitious Black Swan. David McComb the singer had envisaged a double lp where every song was recorded in a different style. His band members were doubtful his record company hostile so it ended up being butchered into a single lp which although a bit of a mess , is one hell of a beautiful mess.

Recently and sadly after David McComb's death the lp has been re-released in the way it was originally meant.

The 2 things I can remember about the concert were the intensity that David McComb brought to every song and the quality of the bands playing as styles and instruments were swapped around. It was a shame that the richness of the sound deserved a Royal Albert Hall and not where we were, a dark room with beer sludge on the floor at the poly.

The track I've posted is their attempt at an Eastern European Gypsy folk song... no come back it is great

The Clown Prince - The Triffids

You can buy the Black Swan here


  1. i loved the black swan but it was far from popular at the time
    this track IS great

  2. Hi Anon

    I agree I guess people just didnt get the variety of styles - it is a lost classic and the reissue is worth getting to see how it was meant to be before the record company got their way


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