Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Moments 49/52 - Lolita Elle

Jack were a Welsh band with the soul of Scott Walker in their sound and an orchestral take on pop that at times could be compared to The Divine Comedy and at others The Tindersticks.

They produced 4 lps of the usual critical acclaim and close to zero sales - too smart for the charts

Anthony Reynolds the lead singer with rich vocals ,kind of an English Paul Quinn, has made various records under various guises the latest of which under his own name and called English Ballads continued the big emotional songs but a tad more retrained and was the better for it.. although it still didn't sell.

My monday Moment this week comes from the second lp and follows a love affair on a drive across the states with a typically cinematic backing. it has some great lyrics

"she smiled and said you know a love like ours is as doomed and stained as snow" and "like our youth and the road below we both knew it couldn't last"

My monday moment comes in the anticipation of the song, the slight pause, the space between the initial plucked guitar before the vocals start

Lolita Elle - Jack

You can buy the Jazz Age here

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