Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Moments - Blue Skies

This weeks monday moment comes form a modern concept lp. The lp tracks the breakup of the lead singer, Charlie Fink's relationship with fellow nu folker Laura Marling (who to confuse matters now goes out with one of Mumford and Sons).

The lyrics of the lp are painfully honest, uncomfortably so when they deal with the first time he sleeps with someone else, it is soul laid bare stuff.

Towards the end of the lp there is a sense finally letting go and looking forward and that glimmer starts with Blue Skies.

My monday moment comes the first time the almost choral backing vocals come in on the chorus. They are pitched at just the right level, quietly offering support and hope as the fragile lead vocals ......

This is the last song I'll write when I'm in love with you

This is the last song I'll write when you are even on my mind

Because it is time to leave those feelings behind

Blue Skies are coming

But I know that its hard

At the top of the post I mentioned Nu - Folk - I'm still not really sure what an earth this label really means - however it has prompted this week's mini themes, over the next 3 posts I'll write about 3 bands who I think were kind of front runners to try and get to grips with it.

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