Saturday, 7 May 2011

One that Almost Got Away Part 3 - John Grant

Whereas the Mirrors were synth pop of 1982, this next lp feels like 1977. Not Clash 1977 but Fleetwood Mac 1977. John Grant used to be lead singer of the Czars. I bought an lp of theirs after reading some great reviews but couldn't really see what the fuss was about and ended up giving it away. Ironic then that I bought this as it seemed to be near the top of every publications top lps of the year chart.

Backed by Midlake the almost easy listening music and sweet vocals hide a real darkness in the lyrics shot through with gallows humour often dealing with John Grant's struggles with addiction and relationships. The track I've posted deals with growing up gay in a strongly religious home, which I think I've read has an autobiographical elements. The chorus did prompt an interesting discussion with my 9 year old when it first came on in the car!

This is probably the spikiest in terms of instrumentation with the rest a smoother "FM" sound.
It is a classic grower of an lp as new subtleties are revealed with each listen and I can see now why it featured so high on best of the year charts (it even has a song named Sigourney Weaver)

You can buy Queen of Denmark here

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