Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Strange Covers - Elbow

I've no idea where I got this , I think it may have been on a free cd from Uncut or the Word. It is a cover of a The The song that originally appeared on Mindbomb. As most of that lp was a bit of a state of the world address , this one, a song about the breakdown of a relationship really stood out.

Elbow have managed to do a cover that keeps the essence of the original but somehow makes you believe it is an Elbow original


  1. Ah! I've only heard this once before; a chap in a pub was playing tunes from his laptop through the PA. He offered me a copy, but I didn't have a USB stick or anything on me. I seem to recall he said it was from a Mojo cover disc?
    Thanks for posting it!
    (found after reading your comment on the Vinyl Villain's recent The The posting!)

  2. Hi Anon

    Thanks for letting me know - I thought it must from one of the monthly mags.


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