Friday, 18 March 2011

What the nu folk? Hobotalk

If candidate had an English folky sound then at the same time Hobotalk were releasing stuff that felt like the missing link between folk and what would become known as Americana (so many labels that mean so little!)

Hobotalk are a Scottish band and the vehicle for the songs of lead singer Mark Pilley. Like a lot of Scottish bands before them they looked west for inspiration although this time not Steely Dan but Tim Buckley. The cover of the debut lp Beauty in Madness captures their sound perfectly , there is woozy dream like quality, the kind you get on a summers day when the sun is just a tad too bright.

The lp has the classic songwriting feel of the 70s , more of Beauty in Melancholy rather than Madness

The usual record company bother meant that it was 5 years before the follow up Notes on a Sunset came out. The sound hadn't changed much although if anything the Californian feel was even stronger and on a couple of tracks they even get close to jaunty

As with Candidate I've only got the 2 lps for some reason I've not got round to getting Hobotalk's latest 2 (Homesick for Nowhere and Alone Again Or)

You can buy their lps here and I would start with the debut it deserves to be heard more than it is


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