Thursday, 3 March 2011

Why I Love Country Music - Obi

Thought it was about time for another why I love country music post as it has been months since the last one.

This one comes from Brighton band Obi who made a couple of melodic pop lps. They got classed with the new folk movement but that pigeon holed them unfairly as their music took on a range of styles and influences.

Here is one track that had a country feel

This is from their debut mini lp and if you like you music full of melodic subtleties then it is worth a go and you can buy it here


  1. This was a wonderful debut for the songwriter Damien Katkhuda.A great mix of country/folk/pop.
    I'm desperately waiting for his new album, which should be out shortly.He records now as 'The Mostar Diving Club'.
    I'm currently enjoying the new Mummers ep 'Mink Hollow Road'.Lovely ,lush Orchestration.

  2. Hi Phil

    I'm keeping my eye out for the new lp after you mentioned it on a previous comment


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