Friday, 1 April 2011

Life of Live - Martin Stephenson and the Daintees

My last concert whilst at poly and fittingly it was by the best band I'd seen live whilst at Leeds. It was also I think the last time they toured as a band before splitting up (reforming only in the last 2/3 years). The first thing I ever do when I move is to set the stereo up and when I moved into my room at Beckett's Park the ploy's halls of residence, Boat to Bolivia was the first lp I played

The concert was for the final lp The Boy's Heart. Which for me was a real return to form after the patchy Salutation Road. It is as if the record label accepted that chart success wasn't going to come the band's way and so let them off the leash a bit. There is a sense of experimentation and let's give that a go on some of the songs.

Although to promote this lp I think the band must have known things were coming to a close as it was riotous run through the best of their back catalogue with a set list that felt like it had been drawn from my own wish list. The venue was at the Irish centre which is a little bit out of the city centre and I'm not sure if they had a later licence or the Dainties just broke it as encore followed encore, they just seemed to keep going as the fever pitch atmosphere never seemed to let up.

It was all quite drunkenly emotional , my favourite band playing a gig of their lives and a sense of change and goodbyes , I distinctly remember looking at my friends and thinking does it get any better than this, the feeling that things would never be the same as 4 years in Leeds came to a close. It as one of those times when the music transcends the songs being played and becomes woven into time and place, preserved in memory. Because it is so woven the more time passes the more I've a tendency to over romanticise it

One song from the lp that did go down a storm was Cab Attack which live was a good old bit of garage thrash

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