Saturday, 23 April 2011

Life of Live - Prefab Sprout / Trashcan Sinatras

Having finally left Leeds I moved to Glasgow in the summer of 1990. One of the reasons that I took the job was that as so many of the bands that I liked were Scottish if I lived there I would no doubt discover a load more and get to see the ones I did know live.

I stayed in a shared ground floor/basement tenement flat close Byres Road (and strangely a cricket ground) and spent a fortune each week in the record shops and taking anyone who came to visit to the Botanical gardens (every band I liked at some point had publicity band shots taken at the gardens)

The first band I saw though were Prefab Sprout at the Barrowlands. I can remember being surprised both by the strength of Paddy Mcaloons vocals as the eerie sight of a a lot of large scary looking blokes singing along to When Love Breaks Down. It was also the only concert I've been to on my own and I decided that it would be the last .. I just missed not having someone to talk to about it afterwards so I had to make some friends fast

I've not posted anything by Prefab Sprout but instead gone for the support act , The Trashcan Sinatras who quite rightly went down a storm. It is still one of the best "double act" concerts I've seen. When they played this track live I can only describe it as one big jangle headrush

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