Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Music - Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

I've not bought many lps yet this year, although the best one I have (an hangover from last year) is by the Irish band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. It is a great name and I hope Brad Pitt doesn't come over all precious and force a name change , especially as the music is so good. As you can imagine with 7 members and 3 who take up vocals they make a big noise. It is very lazy but I can best describe them as like a celtic Arcade Fire.

With multiple instruments the sound can be a bit dense at times but as the lp progresses light and shade becomes apparent and the variety of the 3 vocalists (all siblings and although very different they also sing harmonies beautifully) as well as both subtle and surprising changes in a songs direction keeps you listening intently

I've posted the lead off track which romps along and is one that has one of the closest Arcade Fire comparisons

There website his here where you can listen to a couple more tracks from the lp

You can buy the lp Lowering the Tone here

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