Monday, 25 April 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter part 2 - Matthew Jay

Whilst David Gray lead to a rush of a certain type of singer songwriter , Jeff Buckley's Grace seemed to send every record label off in search of intense young men with choir boy vocals and a hell of a range. One of the best was Matthew Jay whose debut lp Draw is stunning. Sadly it is his only release in his lifetime as he died after a fall from an apartment block. After initial reports suggesting that he was alone, it later transpired that there were people with him in the flat. Whatever the circumstances , a real talent was cut short. Two more recordings have since been released. One a compilation of rarities and the second an lp of songs that Jay had yet to finish completed by his friends and family after his death. For me it is Draw that really stands out.

I've posted a track that on one hand is one of the more straight forward pop songs although the lyrics give it an air of sorrow and regret and friendships lost.

It also has one of the most annoying mumbled/whispered endings which despite ear to the speakers I still can't work out what the final repeated phrase is

You can buy Draw here and if you like smart sensitive pop then give it a go


  1. Spot on.
    Sad loss.
    I always run to the ipod when he's on; lightweight but lovely, the Macca comparisons kind of make sense then.
    My favourite 'Meteorology' but then I'm a sucker for songs about Fathers. (See also 'Father and Son' by Peter Gabriel).

  2. Hi

    it is a great lost gem of an lp and I think meterology is one of th eother stand out trakcs - i bought the lp finished by his brother with a fuller band sound which is also good but the band arrangements somehow make the songs seem a bit more "straight forward"

    For another top father and son song - Billy Braggs Tank Park Salute - always has me rushing to the phone to ring my dad


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