Thursday, 28 April 2011

Not Quite Prefab Sprout - The Citadels

When I first got broadband I found a great website (now defunct alas) that basically had a page and links to loads of Irish bands. I worked my way through a lot of the links and bought anything I liked the sound of.

One of the bands featured were called the Citadels and when the lp Letting Go Holding On arrived it really reminded me of Swoon Period prefab Sprout , from the vocals to the sudden chord changes and the subtle melodies that would weave in and out of the songs.

The band seem to have faded away - a google search couldn't even come up with a decent image of the lp cover.

I've posted three tracks from the lp.

Let me know if you hear the Prefab Sprout echoes or am I going mad

In writing this post I went to the band's website here where it seems the singer Cormac O Caoimh is now recording under his own name and has an lp out

The Citadels lp seems tricky to get hold of but there is a 2nd hand copy advertised here and if you like Swoon then I'd give it a go


  1. No,you're not going mad,there is certainly echoes of Swoon era Sprouts there!

  2. Thanks Mau - I've just popped over to your blog - amazingly varied taste in music you have - great stuff!

  3. Cheers Phil - I've finally finished a couple of cds for you - will now no doubt take me 6 months to post them!

  4. Hey. Cormac from the Citadels here. Thanks for this. I emailed you too. Cheers

  5. Hi Cormac

    just picked it up and replied


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