Saturday, 30 April 2011

one that got away - Orchids

At the end of the year I did my top 10 lps of they year and I think one got away. I bought The Lost Star by the Orchids in December but for some reason didn't really get round to playing it properly until the new year. If I'd paid more attention earlier then it would have leapfrogged into the top 10.

A band ahead of their time they at one point were on Sarah records but offered smuch more than Sarha's usual lovelorn fare (I'm a bit dogmatic in my view that the Orchids Peaches does what Primal Scream's Loaded does but a lot better.)

They released a trio of great lps in the early 90s and then broke up . In 2007 they reconvened to release an lp of pretty standard guitar songs with dreamy vocals, good but not really an indication of what was to follow.

The Lost Star is a stunning lp and really difficult to describe. It varies from short cut up sound montages and acoustic ballads to dreamy psychedelic pop songs and electronic music that is kind of dancey and kind of chilled out at the same time. Okay that sounds like one unholy mess but somehow the whole thing sticks together perfectly.

I've posted 2 songs - the first is a more straight forward guitar pop song and the second is more electronic in its backing

The Okay Song - The Orchids

The Way That You Move - The Orchids

If you'd like the above and appreciate bands that like to take a bit of a risk then give this a go , there is more invention in this one lp than a lot of bands manage in a career

you can buy the Lost Star here and find their website here

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